Video production services

Gimbal operator

Our specialty is the use of the Movi M5 and M15. These gimbals allow us to fly almost any camera setup from small DSLRs to RED Weapons with Cinema Lenses. These setups allow for floating cinematic motion in your production that can't be achieved in any other way.


There is no better way to introduce yourself to future clients than through an interview style video. We have all the lighting, audio, and video equipment to make you look and sound great in front of your prospective clients.

Oregon Interview Lighting.jpg

Slow motion

The Sony FS5 has many great benefits, but one of its biggest benefits is that it can shoot in high frame rates. In 4K it can shoot in 60 frames per second to RAW Cinema DNGs. In 2k and HD it can shoot up to 240 frames per second RAW Cinema DNGs. What this means is that we can slow down real motion to half time in 4K and to an eighth of real speed in 2K and HD. This is great for slowing things down that are normally hard to see in real time. Check out this fun video as an example.


Have something that takes a long time that you'd like to show off to future clients? Timelapse speeds up the process and adds motion and excitement to the shot. We can set up custom timelapses that really add drama and excitement to your production.